National Veep Day - August 9
Fri, Aug 9, 2024

National Veep Day

National Veep Day is dedicated to the succession of power system in the United States. There are 14 cases in history when vice presidents became presidents, and 9 of them were not elected to this position. This day also remembers Gerald Ford, the only person to receive the presidency without being elected president or vice president.


The reason for National Veep Day was the resignation in 1974 of Richard Nixon, as a result of which Gerald Ford became president. Nixon’s vice president had resigned shortly before, and a new vice president had not yet been elected.

Currently, the candidates for president and vice president are elected at the same time, but until the early 19th century, this position went to the one who came second in the number of votes in the presidential election.

Interesting facts

  • In 2020, Kamala Harris was elected Vice President for the first time.
  • William King in this position the shortest – only one day, due to his sudden death to illness.
  • Thomas Jefferson had two vice presidents, the only such case in US history.

How to take part

Learn more about VPs: there are plenty of articles on the internet about this topic. The biographies of many of these people are extremely fascinating. Use the holiday to learn more about the history of your country and its political system. Re-read the Constitution to better know the structure of the state in which you live and your rights. Discuss what you read with your friends: use the conversation to fill the gaps in their knowledge.

When is National Veep Day celebrated in 2024?

National Veep Day is observed on August 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday August 9 2024
Saturday August 9 2025
Sunday August 9 2026

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