Civic Holiday - August
Mon, Aug 7, 2023

Civic Holiday

Civic Holiday is a Canadian holiday that is just an extra day off. Its original purpose was a day of rest. On the first Monday of August, Canadians can avoid their worries and have some fun.


Civic Holiday appeared in 1871: it started in the British Empire as a ‘bank holiday’. Since Canada was a colony of Britain at the time, four years later they adopted this holiday. In different provinces it had different names, but now it is widely known as Civic Holiday. Despite this name, initially there was no political subtext.

Interesting facts

  • This holiday is celebrated very differently in different cities and provinces.
  • In some provinces, the first Monday in August is not a public holiday, although cultural events takes place throughout the country.
  • Many cities honor a person on this day who played an important role in local history; for example, in Burlington, the holiday is called Joseph Brant Day – in honor of the Mohawk leader Joseph Brant.

How to take part

There are no specific rituals for celebrating this day off. Some go on visits, some travel, some do their favorite hobby. It is not uncommon for Canadians to go on picnics with family or friends, or have outdoor barbecues while enjoying the warm weather. Various events are held at the state and municipal level, dedicated to Canadian history or just entertainment. In some places, this date coincides with the day of the city, and the local traditions of the celebration merge with the national ones.

When is Civic Holiday celebrated in 2023?

Civic Holiday is observed on the first Monday of August.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday August 7 2023
Monday August 5 2024
Monday August 4 2025
Monday August 3 2026

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