National Button Day - November 16
Wed, Nov 16, 2022

National Button Day

National Button Day takes place on November 16 in the United States. An interesting holiday, through which you can not pass by. Buttons are present on most of our things: have you thought about how they appeared and how much easier our existence is? It’s time to find out about it!


National Day was founded by the Button Society in 1938. Participants felt that people do not pay enough attention to them. Many people picked up the idea and gladly wrote down the date on the calendar. Others say that the clothes are equipped with Velcro and zippers … Imagine Velcro on an elegant blouse? I’m sure it’s not that pretty.

Scientists do not know when buttons appeared. Perhaps the event took place in the 3rd millennium BC. They had a slightly different look, but with their functions they did an excellent job. In Europe, buttons appeared among Greek soldiers in the 4th century BC. Fastening clothes is a natural need at all times.

Interesting facts

It is noteworthy that:

  • in 1300 the church referred to buttons as “devil’s traps”. No one knows why this happened: perhaps due to the fact that women’s clothing in those days was fastened in front;
  • in 1896 the first button-down collars were invented;
  • in 2014, a button was sold that was attached to the uniform of the Texas Navy. Its price exceeded $2000;
  • buttons on the soldier’s uniform, on the sleeves, were attached so that the men would not wipe their noses on their clothes.

How to celebrate

Learn more about the emergence of a small but important detail. Share your observations with the audience on social networks, tell about the holiday. Start collecting products – it’s interesting! Meet like-minded people, exchange models, discuss rare finds.

When is National Button Day celebrated in 2022?

National Button Day is observed on November 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 16 2022
Thursday November 16 2023
Saturday November 16 2024
Sunday November 16 2025
Monday November 16 2026

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