National Boyfriend Day - October 3
Mon, Oct 3, 2022

National Boyfriend Day

National Boyfriend Day is celebrated on October 3 every year. On a holiday, girls try to surround their loved one with care and thank them for everything they do for the sake of relationships. A great occasion to organize a romantic dinner and prepare dishes that your man will like!


We haven’t found the person who founded National Day. Perhaps the origins are on the Internet – there is a first mention dated 2014. A few years later, the holiday has amassed over 46 tweets! Boyfriend Day was rightly infiltrated, because we celebrate National Girlfriends Day, right?

The holiday is also celebrated in other countries. People come together and talk about his ideas. We hope it will continue to exist and show the stronger sex how much girls love them.

An important point: if you do not have a boyfriend, take care of a colleague, friend, brother. It doesn’t have to be the partner you’re in a romantic relationship with. Show your appreciation to men and tell them how much they mean.

Interesting facts

7 interesting things:

  1. The happiest and strongest marriages are with the best friends.
  2. Solving household issues unites 60% of couples.
  3. Modern men and women are terribly demanding in relationships compared to the past.
  4. It is easier for peers to agree on something. The big age difference is the cause of controversy.
  5. The sad fact is that 38% of people in the world will not find true love and will not feel joy in marriage.
  6. In England, there is a unique device – a love sensor. Couples test feelings on him.
  7. Scientists have proven that lovers eat more sweets.

How to celebrate

The best thing to do on a date is to take into account the wishes and hobbies of the guy. You can send him with friends on a fishing trip, buy a gym membership or a ticket to your favorite music group. Don’t rule out ordinary pleasures, like your favorite meal or movie. Whatever you come up with – spice it up with your love!

When is National Boyfriend Day in 2022?

National Boyfriend Day is observed on October 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday October 3 2022
Tuesday October 3 2023
Thursday October 3 2024
Friday October 3 2025
Saturday October 3 2026

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