National American Teddy Bear Day - November 14
Mon, Nov 14, 2022

National American Teddy Bear Day

Do you love teddy bears? Because ahead of National American Teddy Bear Day, in which the owners of cute products share their cute residents. The bear has become a real icon in the United States and will definitely not lose ground. Regardless of age, join the holiday on November 14th.


Teddy bears got the name “Teddy” for a reason. Theodore Roosevelt, then President of America, was out hunting with his friends. It was 1902, the hunting ground was near the Mississippi River. They caught a little bear cub, but Theodore did not kill him and let him go. Thus spread the rumor about the president’s kindness to animals, and the name of the teddy bear is a diminutive form of the name Roosevelt.

Some attribute the development of teddy bears to Margaret Steiff. The woman, along with her nephew, visited the zoo: the boy was delighted with the bears, that Margaret decided to please him. She made a beautiful scarecrow and gave it to her nephew. A wider implementation of teddy bears is by Morris Michtom in 1903. The man had his own store and dreamed of finding a product that customers would like. Then he thought of Teddy. Having received permission from the president, he launched the sale – there was no end to the customers!

National Day is full of love, care and delight. Bears bring joy to our lives, they are appropriate for any holiday. Many will confirm that the apartment together with them acquire unprecedented comfort.

Interesting facts

Did you know that:

  • the first track about Teddy was written in 1909, 80 more were subsequently released;
  • there are about 20 museums in honor of toys on the planet;
  • in Germany exhibitions of bears have been organized annually since 1994;
  • the most expensive Teddy sold for 90 thousand dollars in 1929, it is made from mohair.

How to celebrate

Get a new plush friend and complete your collection! Give a toy to your loved ones. Take care of your cubs so that they always look like you just bought them today.

When is National American Teddy Bear Day celebrated in 2022?

National American Teddy Bear Day is observed on November 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday November 14 2022
Tuesday November 14 2023
Thursday November 14 2024
Friday November 14 2025
Saturday November 14 2026