National All Or Nothing Day - July 26
Wed, Jul 26, 2023

National All Or Nothing Day

National All Or Nothing Day is celebrated on July 26th. Its mission is to motivate people to fulfill tasks and achieve their dreams. It does not matter what it is about – sports, friendship, or career. Be bold and courageous, try what you were afraid to try before. Break the rules, not the laws.

The History

If you think life is great when you put your all into something, National All Or Nothing Day is your day. It does not matter what you give yourself to – work, family, or a hobby. The expression ‘all or nothing’ is included in the Cambridge Dictionary, meaning doing something perfectly or not even starting. There are skeptics who will say investing all your strength in one thing is uninteresting, boring, and risky.

Psychologists note that such a position is dictated by the fear of making decisions and abiding by them. National All Or Nothing Day teaches people to take risks and discover new opportunities.

Interesting Facts

  • Adventurers are often not afraid to risk everything – Neil Armstrong was not afraid to fly into space, Bill Gates dared to leave Harvard, Henry Ford risked cars priced so low, the company almost went bankrupt.
  • Risk is not possible without trusting yourself.
  • Psychologists have proven people who are not afraid to take risks live happier and longer lives.
  • Mark Zuckerberg said the only way to remain a loser is not to take risks.

How to take part

Bungee jumping is a bold and exciting activity; try it and you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience. Go to a fear room, challenge yourself and your feelings, experience the adrenaline. Do something that you have never done before.

When is National All Or Nothing Day Celebrated in 2023?

National All Or Nothing Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July the 26th each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday July 26 2023
Friday July 26 2024
Saturday July 26 2025
Sunday July 26 2026