Mera Chaoren Houba - September 26
Tue, Sep 26, 2023

Mera Chaoren Houba

Mera Chaoren Houba is a wonderful festival that takes place every year on the first day of the month of Mera Tha, the seventh month in the Manipuri lunar calendar. In 2022, this day falls on September 26th. The holiday is held in accordance with a very specific calendar, which is fundamentally different from all existing methods of counting days. The event is as unique as the calendar. It is celebrated in India in the state of Manipur and treated with great respect.


Mera Chaoren Houba is an ancient holiday dedicated to two deities – Lord Lainintou Sanamahi, who was the deity of the Manipuri family, as well as the goddess of nature and the earth – Leymarel Sidabi. The festival is always rich and magnificent. Residents come to Kangla Palace and Sanamahi temple and bring gifts – fruits, vegetables, incense, and rice. With these offerings, people ask the gods for prosperity and health. The holiday also encourages the preservation of unity as well as friendliness among all Manipuri communities.

Interesting Facts

  • The festival is also held to celebrate the beginning of the Mera Manipuri; it starts in September and ends in October.
  • On this day, the locals pray, promote the traditions of solidarity and love between all.
  • The holiday teaches people to live in harmony with birds, animals, and nature in general.
  • The festival reminds us that we live on this planet with other creatures, so it is important for us to learn to respect each other.

How to take part

Mera Chaoren Houba is dedicated to nature, so take this day to be in nature, plant a tree, a flower bed, or visit a nature reserve or a national park. Pray, because prayer unites us with nature; it is an effective way to send a request to the Cosmos for peace, unity, and the health of loved ones. Learn more about the history and traditions of Manipuri – it is very interesting and informative.

When is Mera Chaoren Houba in 2023?

Mera Chaoren Houba is observed on September 26 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday September 26 2023
Thursday September 26 2024
Friday September 26 2025
Saturday September 26 2026

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