Mayflower Day - September 16
Sat, Sep 16, 2023

Mayflower Day

Mayflower Day is dedicated to the British exploration expedition. It took place during the era of the Great Geographical Discoveries and had a great role in the formation of the United States. It is celebrated on September 16th.


Mayflower is the name of the ship on which English travelers set off on a journey to establish a colony in the New World. They initially aimed for the Virginia region, but constant storms and heavy winds knocked the sailors off their original course. As a result, they landed on the territory of the modern Cape Cod.

After disembarking (the voyage lasted 66 days), the explorers found an abandoned Indian village. Since, by law, they did not have the right to be here, and even more so to create a settlement, it was decided to draw up the Mayflower Compact. This document indicated that a civil-political body would be created on the spot, in which a system of local self-government would be implemented. The sailors themselves swore allegiance to the king of England. The Plymouth Colony was formed, which later became part of the United States. In honor of this event, it was decided to hold Mayflower Day.

Interesting facts

  • Currently, about 10 million people living in the US are descendants of the British settlers who arrived on the Mayflower.
  • Some of the most famous descendants are US Presidents John Adams and James Garfield.

How to take part

Read the surviving written sources about the journey of these English explorers and watch documentaries. Visit museums in Massachusetts and learn more Interesting facts about the Mayflower Expedition. Share the holiday on social networks and talk about the importance of this event in the history of the United States.

When is Mayflower Day celebrated in 2023?

Mayflower Day is observed on September 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 16 2023
Monday September 16 2024
Tuesday September 16 2025
Wednesday September 16 2026

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