Martyrs' Day - January 30
Tue, Jan 30, 2024

Martyrs’ Day

Martyrs’ Day is dedicated to the Indian political and public figure. He made a significant contribution to the development of the country and did everything possible for the sake of the freedom of civilians. Gandhi urged the people to stick together in such a difficult hour. He showed him how cruel the outside world can be and how you can learn to deal with it.


The holiday is celebrated on the day when one of the most revered people in India died. He managed to protect his people from the British Empire. Throughout his conscious life, Gandhi struggled with discrimination, physical and mental violence, terrible traditions that the people adhere to and hinder their development. Mahatma was born in Gujarat, having matured, he began to study as a lawyer, and then went to South Africa. One trip changed his worldview.

Harsh times have come in Gandhi’s homeland. He advocated a peaceful settlement of the conflict and even managed to conclude an agreement with representatives of Britain. Mahatma wanted to rally the people and prevent the division of the country.

On January 30, Gandhi was shot dead. His assassin was a Hindu nationalist who opposed his policies.

Interesting facts

  1. The British were horrified when they saw with their own eyes what an impact Gandhi could have on people. In their native country, they forbade even naming him. Winston Churchill had a special hatred for him, but the Mahatma himself never experienced such feelings.
  2. Gandhi was talented in absolutely everything. His writing skills are noted. Some texts can even be found freely available on the Internet.
  3. Mahatma loved experimenting with food. He was in perfect control of his body and boasted excellent health.

How to celebrate

Gandhi called simplicity, benevolence, the ability to live in harmony with the world around him and himself as his main values. On this day, it is customary to honor his memory. At the same time, India remembers other fighters for justice who gave their lives for the bright future of their country.

Martyrs’ Day is a great day to learn about history. The struggle for independence in the homeland of the Mahatma lasted for more than a hundred years. It started in 1857.

When is Martyrs’ Day celebrated in 2024?

Martyrs’ Day is observed on January 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday January 30 2024
Thursday January 30 2025
Friday January 30 2026
Saturday January 30 2027