Make Your Own Luck Day - August 26
Sat, Aug 26, 2023

Make Your Own Luck Day

Do you believe that luck can be attracted into your life? Make Your Own Luck Day, celebrated on August 26, is a great chance to try it!


Is it possible to call a person lucky who turned his own birthday into a holiday for many people? If at the same time he is not a monarch and not the president of the country, not an outstanding figure in culture or show business, not famous in other areas and just a little-known person? A simple Texas guy J. Richard Falls from the city of Irving did it brilliantly! He simply decided that his birthday was the perfect moment to attract all sorts of success into his life. The main thing is to believe that luck will definitely come, to create the necessary psychological attitude for indispensable success. Try to set the direction of your destiny – to success, productivity and happiness.

Interesting facts

  • Falls is not the first to have the idea to believe in luck and thus attract it into his own life. Many peoples had similar practices.
  • The ancient peoples had special talismans and amulets worn to “attract” success in various endeavors – hunting, war, love.
  • The ancient Greeks could not come to terms with the immutability and inexorability of fate – and they came up with Tyche, the goddess of luck. True, changeable – luck was symbolized by a spinning wheel.
  • The ancient Romans worshiped and made sacrifices to the goddess of good fortune, Fortuna. She was remembered daily “by a thousand voices.” The first temple of Fortune was built by the sixth king of Rome, Servius Tullius, who was considered the favorite of fate – not everyone succeeds in becoming a king from a slave! This goddess was revered on a par with Mercury, who also bestowed good luck.
  • Militant Vikings carved on various household items the Sun wheel associated with the god Thor. A blacksmith could carve it on a hammer, a skald on a musical instrument, so that the objects become “happy”.
  • Hindus still read special mantras that attract happiness and prosperity.

How to take part

Let you be a skeptic who does not believe in attracting good luck – but the holiday exists to do frivolous things! In Make Your Own Luck Day, believe in your success and it will come!

When is Make Your Own Luck Day celebrated in 2023?

Make Your Own Luck Day is observed on August 26 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday August 26 2023
Monday August 26 2024
Tuesday August 26 2025
Wednesday August 26 2026