Mad Hatter Day - October 6
Fri, Oct 6, 2023

Mad Hatter Day

Mad Hatter Day is a holiday that celebrates the key character in the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. It is an opportunity to show off your silly side and embrace the lighthearted nature of the Hatter.


Mad Hatter Day is celebrated on October 6th. This date is taken from the illustration of the character in a hat with a sheet of paper inscribed with the numbers 10/6, which in fact stand for 10 shillings and 6 pence – the cost of the hat.

Interesting facts

  • The first official Mad Hatter Day was held in 1988.
  • The book has been translated into 125 languages.
  • The story has been filmed more than 40 times.
  • The character of the Hatter was not included in the original version of the book.
  • Salvador Dali painted 13 watercolors for different storylines.
  • The hatter may have been modeled after the real-life person, Theophilus Carter, who created the bed-shaped alarm clock.

How to take part

There are plenty of ways to take part in the festivities. Watch your favorite movie, put on a silly hat, or organize a movie-themed party with your friends. No matter how you participate, it’s all about having fun and embracing the spirit of the Hatter.

When is Mad Hatter Day in 2023?

Mad Hatter Day is observed on October 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday October 6 2023
Sunday October 6 2024
Monday October 6 2025
Tuesday October 6 2026

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