Lucky Penny Day - May 23
Thu, May 23, 2024

Lucky Penny Day

If you want to find good luck, focus on searching for pennies on Lucky Penny Day, celebrated on May 23. Despite not being worth much, finding the small coin is considered a symbol of luck and business success.

The History

Coins were first introduced into circulation in Ancient Rome and soon found their way to the British Isles. Settlers then brought it to the USA. First issue of minted copper coins was produced in the USA in the XVIII century. It depreciated with the onset of inflation. Nobody knows who started the holiday. The penny is considered a talisman, symbolizing the onset of good times.

Interesting Facts

Finding the coin entitles one to make a wish. For it to come true, the penny is thrown over the left shoulder, into a well. It must fall in the water. If you do not want to part with your lucky charm, put it in your shoe.

  1. The first coins were large and heavy.
  2. On average, a penny lasts for 25 years before it is removed from circulation and recycled.
  3. Modern coins are often made of steel with added zinc.

To celebrate this holiday, create exciting games for children, or go in search of a lucky penny. Donate to a charity organization; make art objects using the coin.

When is Lucky Penny Day celebrated in 2024?

Lucky Penny Day is observed on May 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday May 23 2024
Friday May 23 2025

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