Korean American Day - January 13
Sat, Jan 13, 2024

Korean American Day

Korean-American Day is an annual national holiday. It is designed to honor prominent Koreans who have contributed to the development of the United States. Celebrated January 13th.


The establishment of Korean-American Day took place in 2005, when the corresponding resolution was adopted by the US Senate and House of Representatives.

In 1903, Koreans began immigrating to the United States. Within a few years, the number of people who moved in search of a better life reached 10. Many of them worked for the good of the country, while bringing their traditional features to American culture. So, thanks to Korean immigrants, today we can enjoy such wonderful dishes as “kimchi” (pickled vegetables with spicy sauce) or “bibimbapa” (multi-component dish based on rice, meat and vegetables), as well as enjoy good Korean tracks.

Many Koreans have been noted in sports, arts, public service. For example, athlete Sammy Lee was a two-time Olympic champion in Diving, and Wendy Lee Gramm served as CFTC Chair under two presidents. The names of famous Americans of Korean origin can be listed for a very long time.

Interesting facts

  • Most Koreans live in New York.
  • The first immigrants from Korea settled in the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Jay Kimm became the first Korean Congressman in the United States.

How to celebrate

Congratulate friends and acquaintances who are Koreans or were born in an immigrant family on this holiday. Taste the national dishes of Korea on Korean-American Day, watch Korean films, listen to tracks from the K-Pop genre. Find out more information online about prominent Koreans who made the United States famous. Don’t forget to share the holiday on social media as well.

When is Korean American Day celebrated in 2024?

Korean American Day is observed on January 13 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday January 13 2024
Monday January 13 2025
Tuesday January 13 2026
Wednesday January 13 2027

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