Kiss a Ginger Day - January 12
Fri, Jan 12, 2024

Kiss a Ginger Day

Kiss a Ginger Day is an American holiday dedicated to red people. Often they are unfairly ridiculed, because red hair is quite rare. According to statistics, only 2% of the population can boast of such a feature. The holiday is celebrated annually on January 12.


A beautiful man named Derek Forgy could not put up with the injustice towards red people and launched the Kiss A Ginger Day project on the Facebook social network, which quickly gained popularity.

The negative attitude towards red hair began in the Middle Ages. Then girls with bright, red hair were considered witches and bypassed. Today, all these prejudices are a thing of the past. Many people dye their hair red on purpose, since nature did not give it by itself.

Give a kiss to people with red hair on this day, because having such a feature is a real rarity. The probability of having a child with a similar color is 1:4, and this is provided that both parents are red. The rarest combination, which only about 1% of the world’s population has, is red hair and blue eyes. If you are among these lucky ones, you can be proud of it.

Interesting facts

  • People with red hair may not be afraid of gray hair. Even in old age, they do not completely lose their color, but simply become lighter.
  • The largest number of redheads live in Ireland and Scotland.
  • In the body of people with this hair color, more vitamin D is produced than in others.

How to celebrate

Kiss relatives and friends who have red hair. If you see such a person on the street, then tell him a few nice words about his appearance. If you’ve always wanted to try a different hair color, then at Kiss a Ginger Day you can try red hair dye.

Share on social networks information about the holiday. Tell a few facts about red-haired people. Congratulate the owners of this feature on their holiday.

When is Kiss a Ginger Day celebrated in 2024?

Kiss a Ginger Day is observed on January 12 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday January 12 2024
Sunday January 12 2025
Monday January 12 2026
Tuesday January 12 2027