Juneteenth - June 19
Wed, Jun 19, 2024


An event of categorical importance for the history of the country is celebrated on a large scale on July 19, also known as Juneteenth or Freedom Day. Abolition of slavery became the fundamental principle of the development of democratic power.

The History

This remarkable holiday has origins in the state of Texas, but is officially recognized in the entire country. A federal order to abolish slavery was signed by Army General Gordon Granger. The document promised liberation to the slaves of Texas. Abraham Lincoln later created and certified the Proclamation on Emancipation of Slaves, relying on the successful advance of the Union Army in territories beyond control during the Civil War. The process was completed in 1866.

Interesting Facts

Kentucky and Delaware were the last states to implement abolition.

  1. Initially, the celebration in the South took place with the participation and support of church communities.
  2. The culinary festival is an integral part of festive events, it is a valuable tradition.
  3. This event gained additional significance with the struggle for the recognition of the rights of the black population and widespread emphasis on achievements of African Americans in various fields of art began in the 70s.

This festive event has not received recognition in Hawaii, or North and South Dakota.

How to take part

Read historical information about the legislative act of abolition. Find the names of historical figures involved, and trace their biography. Tell children about this important stage in America’s history, so they know their heroes and are proud of them.

When is Juneteenth celebrated in 2024?

Juneteenth is observed on June 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday June 19 2024
Thursday June 19 2025

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