International Tea Day - December 15
Fri, Dec 15, 2023

International Tea Day

On International Tea Day, you can’t help but celebrate if you’re a fan of steaming hot brews made from the leaves of the tea bush. It’s a popular beverage that can rival even the most beloved cup of coffee! This annual celebration isn’t only for drinkers, but it also honors everyone involved in the creation of this beloved drink.


Tea is thought to have originated in China, where legend has it Emperor Nun Shen discovered it around 4000 years ago. One fateful day, while on a walk in a green area, Emperor Nun’s servants were boiling water in a pot when some leaves from a nearby tea tree fell in. To everyone’s amazement, the aroma was so pleasing that it was deemed a discovery!

In 1615, a Portuguese port was the recipient of a shipment containing a mysterious “black dust” that Europeans had only heard stories of. China originally refused to share its tea with other countries, so it was only accessible to the wealthy for centuries.

International Tea Day has been celebrated since 2005, with events, campaigns, and presentations being held to raise awareness for tea workers and the issues they face, such as safety regulations, fair wages, and competition.

Interesting facts

  • There are over 1500 varieties of tea.
  • Until the 17th century, it was only available in green.
  • 15,000 mugs of tea are consumed in the world every second.
  • Tea has more caffeine than coffee.
  • Tea was once used as currency in some countries.

How to take part

Start your day off right on International Tea Day by brewing a cup of tea. Invite your family to join you at the table and plan out your day. Try new types and compare with the ones you already know. Research local tea producers and show your support by purchasing from them.

When is International Tea Day celebrated in 2023?

International Tea Day is observed on December 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday December 15 2023
Sunday December 15 2024
Monday December 15 2025
Tuesday December 15 2026

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