International Dot Day - September 15
Thu, Sep 15, 2022

International Dot Day

International Dot Day is a celebration inspired by the story “The Dot”. Where does each achievement begin? The correct answer is: from the point that you set at the very beginning of the path, and moving from it, you were able to achieve success! It is celebrated annually on September 15th.


It was on September 15, 2003 that the world saw a book for children by Peter Reynolds called The Dot. The story is about a girl, Vashti, who is studying at school and thinks she can’t draw. However, her teacher completely disagrees with this position. He advised to put only one dot on paper and see what happens next. Vashti did so, and when she came to school the next day, she saw her paper with a dot on the wall. She was so pleased that she continued to draw and created entire compositions based on different points.

The story of Vashti proved to many readers that the main thing is to put an end (that is, to start any activity) and everything will definitely work out! Storytelling played an important role in education. He led to the introduction of a method of encouraging the creative initiatives of schoolchildren, which makes it possible to reveal the talent of children. This method was described in a book by Iowa teacher Terry Shay and presented on September 15, 2009. Since then, this date has been celebrated annually as International Dot Day.

How to celebrate

There are several ways to celebrate International Dot Day.

  1. Read Peter Reynolds’ story about the Vashti girl and delve into the interesting plot of the book that led to the birth of the holiday.
  2. Become a volunteer in orphanages and boarding schools. Bring the children items for creativity (pencils, paints, albums, brushes). You can organize competitions or events dedicated to creativity in order to identify talented children.
  3. Draw a book or write a poem. Try yourself in something new!

When is International Dot Day celebrated in 2022?

International Dot Day is observed on September 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 15 2022
Friday September 15 2023
Sunday September 15 2024
Monday September 15 2025
Tuesday September 15 2026