International Bow Day - August 19
Mon, Aug 19, 2024

International Bow Day

International Bow Day is dedicated to one of the most recognizable accessories – the bow. Sometimes, one’s image seems incomplete and requires some little things to complement it. Start perfecting your style right now; but before that, learn a little more from our article.

The History

The first mention of a bow tie was in the 17th century in Croatia. The detail looked like a scarf and served to prevent the shirt from flapping open. The French noticed this unusual object and popularized it in the 18th and 19th century. It was insanely fashionable.

Over time, the modern bow tie appeared, and in the 1900s it became an integral part of the wardrobe of medical workers and scientists. After the accessory was used everywhere, finding application in bold clothing combinations.

Single bows are a universal thing. They decorate boxes with gifts, are woven into hair, attached to things. Today, you can experiment with your image by choosing the perfect detail!

International Bow Day has been celebrated since 2017.

Interesting facts

5 interesting points:

  1. In Iran, there was a ban on bow ties.
  2. A tie can be tied in various ways: there are more than 170 thousand methods.
  3. The world’s largest manufacturer is China.
  4. There are collectors who are always ready to purchase rarities.
  5. Many adults believe only children wear bows, but this is not true – it all depends on your mood.

How to take part

Do you know how to tie a bow tie? Holidays are the best time to learn this.

Throw a fun party with a dress code (if you know what we mean)! Let everyone present feel that the fashion for accessories does not fade away.

Take a photo together and share on social networks.

When is International Bow Day celebrated in 2024?

International Bow Day is observed on August 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday August 19 2024
Tuesday August 19 2025
Wednesday August 19 2026

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