International Be Kind To Lawyers Day - April
Tue, Apr 9, 2024

International Be Kind To Lawyers Day

On April 12, an unusual necessary holiday is celebrated: International Be Kind to Lawyers Day, which allows us to express gratitude to those defending us in the legal sphere. This profession is difficult due to many subtleties. Lawyers balance on the edge between legislation and ethical standards, faced with accusations of injustice, corruption, and improper performance of official duties. Fact — decent professionals provide competent legal support to the population, helping you achieve goals and a fair court ruling. Congratulate them, wish them success on the legal battlefield.

The History

This holiday appeared in 2008, started by Steve Hughes. He devoted his life to giving public speaking lessons. His students were lawyers who had to make speeches to jurors or judges. Hughes noticed people treat these servants of the law negatively. In their defense and as a sign of support, he proposed to establish a special holiday.

Interesting Facts

The second Tuesday of April is the day this event is celebrated.

  1. It is customary to hush up bad things or a negative attitude towards lawyers. Obscene jokes are banned. You need to be kinder and loyal.
  2. Lawyers do not always make millions. Many of them work on a voluntary basis. State representatives of the accused work many hours for free!
  3. Good, friendly relations with someone of this profession add confidence and calmness. You can contact them for advice if you have doubts about anything legal.
  4. Justice is the credo of, and the basis and motivation for, a good lawyer.

Ordinary people of different professions get into trouble due to ignorance or non-compliance with the law. Lawyers help them get out of difficult situations, achieve fair compensation, or gain fair compensation. Show gratitude to honest lawyers who work selflessly for the benefit of society!

When is International Be Kind To Lawyers Day celebrated in 2024?

International Be Kind To Lawyers Day is observed every year on the second Tuesday in April.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday April 9 2024
Tuesday April 8 2025

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