International Artist Day - October 25
Tue, Oct 25, 2022

International Artist Day

International Artist Day is celebrated on October 25 in the USA. A good date to congratulate everyone who gives us wonderful creativity! This is not only painting, but also photographs, sculptures, architecture, music … Everything that catches us and makes the skin goosebumps.


Let’s not look too far, let’s start with the recent past. In 1961, President Kennedy of America achieved important things: he was able to settle money disputes between the American Federation of Musicians and the leading opera house, the Metropolitan Opera. This was a real impetus to great achievements! A little later, a Congress took place that named the National Cultural Center a “living memorial” in honor of Kennedy.

In the 1970s, the culture was increasingly mentioned on television. It developed very rapidly. More people were discovering their creativity, trying different art forms, presenting their creations to the world, and enjoying the response.

Bill Clinton in 1997 spoke in Congress for the support of the arts, calling for devoting the year 2000 to the arts. He said that America must remain not just a free country, but a deeply creative one. We see that everyone who was in power did a lot for the development of artists of any direction.

Interesting facts

Amazing Moments:

  • Salvador Dali once admitted that the painting “The Persistence of Memory” was painted after he tried Camembert cheese and was inspired by its taste;
  • during his lifetime, Van Gogh sold about 14 paintings, contrary to the opinion of the majority;
  • the most famous artist on the planet – Pablo Picasso;
  • Italian artist Salvatore Garau sold “nothing” for 15 euros. The sculpture called “Io sono” was created from energy power and thoughts, therefore it remained invisible to the eye.

How to celebrate

The best way to celebrate the holiday is to support emerging artists. Subscribe to their pages on social networks, send others their work or pin it in your account. Visit the contemporary art exhibition and take your friends. If you feel a surge of energy in yourself to continue a long-forgotten business, do not put it off until tomorrow!

When is International Artist Day celebrated in 2022?

International Artist Day is observed on October 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday October 25 2022
Wednesday October 25 2023
Friday October 25 2024
Saturday October 25 2025
Sunday October 25 2026

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