Improve Your Office Day - October 4
Wed, Oct 4, 2023

Improve Your Office Day

Improve Your Office Day is celebrated in the US every year on October 4 and has an important role for professionals in any field. Do you know that work processes will be easier and more productive if you organize a comfortable space around you? Many people have already taken advantage of this idea, you should try it too!


The first workplace appeared in the 15th century, created by monks in the form of a “scriptorium” – a workshop for copying manuscripts used by illuminators and scribes. In 1726, special separate buildings known as offices were opened. Before that, business owners conducted clerical work right in their homes.

The 20th century saw the introduction of more modern offices into our lives. Now there are a huge number of varieties, such as business centers, co-working spaces, and online offices. In addition, technology like laptops, tablets, and phones have blurred the lines between home and work, as some professions allow you to work remotely from any corner of the world.

Improve Your Office Day is often requested by employers to discover the wishes of their employees and to bring the space into proper shape. This not only shows their concern for personnel but also benefits the company as a lot depends on the working mood, and ultimately productivity.

Interesting facts

  • Japan is considered a country of workaholics, as people here spend more than 60% of their time in the service.
  • The world’s oldest worker is a 100-year-old man from New Jersey, who has not left his place even in his old age.
  • A person typing on a computer runs his fingers over the keyboard for an average of 20 km.

How to take part

Improve your working environment by adding small touches such as a bouquet of flowers, a memorable photo, or a new mouse pad. Keep the place clean and organized, avoiding superfluous items. Observe how others organize and share Before and After photos with friends to appreciate the efforts.

When is Improve Your Office Day in 2023?

Improve Your Office Day is observed on October 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday October 4 2023
Friday October 4 2024
Saturday October 4 2025
Sunday October 4 2026