Hug Day - February 12
Mon, Feb 12, 2024

Hug Day

Hugs lift the mood, make a person feel that next to him there is someone who loves and supports him. No wonder Hug Day is celebrated on the 6th day of Valentine’s Week. Lovers are helped to express feelings, feel warmth and convey the joy of meeting.


According to some researchers, hugs as a symbol of good disposition began to be used in war. In this way, the soldiers made it clear that they were not going to cause harm, and did not hold weapons in their hands.

The name of the founder of Hug Day is unknown, although this holiday appeared a long time ago. A person cannot imagine that once hugs were considered shameful and representatives of the aristocracy perceived such a sign of attention as a violation of the rules of conduct.

With the help of hugs, a person conveys a lot of emotions, expresses sympathy or just wants to show how much he loves. Wishing good luck or saying goodbye, we hug, expressing with these simple movements all that cannot be said in words.

Interesting facts

  • The word “hug” comes from the Old Norse “hugga”, which in translation sounds like –consolation.
  • Public hugs used to be considered unacceptable, but were accepted in society about 70 years ago.
  • Hugs reduce the risk of infectious diseases by 30%. Scientists came to such conclusions after an experiment in which 400 volunteers participated.
  • During hugs, the level of hemoglobin in the blood rises.
  • On average, people spend only 60 minutes a month on hugs.
  • A strong hug is considered a natural antidepressant.

How to celebrate

On this day, it is customary to go in a hug with your soul mate. The tighter you squeeze your beloved in your arms, the stronger the karmic connection between you becomes.

Those who wish to join the celebration of Hug Day can arrange a flash mob, the participants of which will be not only friends, acquaintances, but also ordinary passers-by. If a person is shy, just hug him, letting him know that there is nothing terrible and shameful in this.

Take a photo of hugs with your loved one and post it on social networks with #HugDay.

When is Hug Day celebrated in 2024?

Hug Day is observed on February 12 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday February 12 2024
Wednesday February 12 2025
Thursday February 12 2026
Friday February 12 2027

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