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Star Wars Day is celebrated by fans of the movie saga around the world. For them this is a great reason to review favorite film created by famous American director George Lucas.


It is believed the celebration day was chosen by chance, as a result of wordplay. Jedi’s phrase: «May the force be with you» is consonant «May 4th». It was this criterion becoming decisive in selecting holiday’s date.

In addition, on May 4, 1979, the elected British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was greeted by supporters with the phrase «May 4th come with you, Maggie!» Perhaps this phrase also became the reason for selecting the date.

Interesting Facts

Did you know?

  1. Not many people know about the Star Wars Holiday Special existence. The script was written by famous saga’s director. But after he disowned authorship.
  2. Ships didn’t move. Effect was created by rotating camera around objects and using computer programs.
  3. Working on Luke Skywalker character, director considered girl, dwarf, and elderly general.
  4. Chewbacca’s character was redrawn from the director’s actual dog.
  5. Cowardly and greedy character’s name Noon Gunray contains an anagram of American President’s surname Reagan.

When is Star Wars Day celebrated in 2022?

Star Wars Day is observed on May 4 each year.