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National Woodie Wagon Day – a holiday dedicated to a unique invention, a vehicle made of wood. And today, the classic station wagon is of sincere interest, and many collectors dream of acquiring it as the pearl of their collection. Among vintage cars, Woody’s van is an absolute favorite.

The History

In terms of technical characteristics and design, the car is a station wagon, but with one difference – the body is made of wood. Initially, such car models were used by resorts for the comfortable movement of guests. Quite quickly, the original model became popular in the United States. In the wake of such popularity, many car companies began to produce the Woody van. The car often appeared on movie screens in Hollywood films. Despite the fact that the car was in demand, production was assessed as unprofitable, since it was very expensive and difficult to assemble such a car. To increase production capacity, the Ford company independently grew and processed trees. By the middle of the last century, the demand for Woody’s van fell sharply due to expensive maintenance. The last car was produced in 1949.

Interesting Facts

  • In total, approximately 1000 Woody vans were produced, officially production was stopped in 1950.
  • In the second half of the last century, surfers used the Woody station wagon to travel along the coast.
  • The traditional place of Woody vans today is museums, exhibitions, private collections.
  • In 2010, General Motors presented a wooden model at an exhibition in Paris – a prototype of Chevrolet.
  • Some van models are 300 pounds heavier than steel cars.

How to celebrate

Visit an antique museum or a car show to see the unique wooden van for yourself. A trip in a car made of wood is an amazing adventure that you simply need to experience in life. There are many feature films and documentaries on the Internet about the famous van.

When is National Woodie Wagon Day celebrated in 2022?

National Woodie Wagon Day is observed on the third Saturday in July each year.