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The Rainier cherry variety is so unique that the Rainier Mountains are named after it and even National Rainier Cherries Day is celebrated every year. The variety appeared thanks to the scientific breeder Harry Fogle, who in 1952 crossed two varieties of cherries – Bing and Van.

The History

It is not known for certain why July 11 was chosen for the National Rainier Cherries Day, but it is clear that this is a special day in the calendar of national holidays that encourages you to taste amazing berries. This variety of cherries is called premium, the berries are sweet, the skin is thin, and the flesh is yellow and juicy. You can eat them in handfuls and get an unforgettable pleasure. The Rainier variety is a descendant of the wild cherry. Traditionally, in Washington, the harvest is in the middle of summer.

Interesting Facts

  • On an industrial scale, Rainier cherries began to be harvested in 1960.
  • Growing and harvesting Rainier cherries is a difficult task, because the skin of the berries is too thin, it quickly bursts. Harvest with extreme care and store in small containers to minimize fruit contact. In addition, the berries are sensitive to weather events, high temperatures, precipitation and winds. Another problem is birds, they love cherries as much as people, so farmers put up nets to protect the crop.
  • Immediately after picking, the cherries are subjected to water cooling, so the berries remain fresh.
  • Among the existing varieties, Rainier is considered one of the most expensive and sweetest.
  • Rainier cherries up to 3 cm in diameter are an excellent source of potassium, as well as vitamins A and C.

How to celebrate

The easiest way is to enjoy the amazing taste of Rainier cherries. Make a pie, juice from fragrant berries, or just eat fresh. You will surely like any of the options. Be sure to share National Rainier Cherries Day on social media with the hashtag #NationalRainierCherryDay. If possible, visit a cherry farm in Washington, walks here are calming, inspiring, and guests are also offered a glass of amazing cherry wine.

When is National Rainier Cherries Day celebrated in 2022?

National Rainier Cherries Day is observed on July 11 each year.