Freedom of Information Day - March 16
Sat, Mar 16, 2024

Freedom of Information Day

Freedom of Information Day is an annual holiday celebrating the public’s right to know government information. It is celebrated on March 16. Often the information includes data about people, their lives and other things. It should not be hidden, and at the will of the person it must be provided for free or for a small price.


The history of Freedom of Information Day begins with President D. Madison. Thanks to this man, the American Constitution was developed and a special document regulating and establishing the rights of citizens. His date of birth was chosen as the day of celebration – the president was born on March 16, 1751.

Based on Madison’s accomplishments and legal developments, a law with the acronym F.O.I.A. was passed in 1966, which defined the basic freedom of information provisions. James Madison has always been a proponent of open public policy. The public should get all the information they need.

Celebrating Freedom of Information Day is an occasion to remind its citizens that the U.S. government is open and transparent. The state provides citizens with all necessary rights and freedoms, as well as information upon request.

Interesting facts

  • Freedom of information is an important element of a democratic state. The people and the state should provide a single organism. Without it, you can’t build a strong society that trusts its government.
  • Madison did not personally write the Constitution. However, he took an active part in the discussions of its provisions and defended many points.
  • Д. Madison was the youngest president of the United States. At 162 cm tall, he weighed about 46 kg.

How to celebrate

Request information from government sources if you need it. It should be provided to you as soon as possible. Learn more online about the people who fought for freedom of information in the U.S. and actively promoted the idea.

Tell us about Freedom of Information Day on social media. Ask other users if they have encountered violations under the Freedom of Information Act.

When is Freedom of Information Day celebrated in 2024?

Freedom of Information Day is observed on March 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday March 16 2024
Sunday March 16 2025