Feast of the Ass - January 14
Sun, Jan 14, 2024

Feast of the Ass

The Feast of the Ass is an annual holiday that has Christian roots. It is dedicated to donkeys. These animals were repeatedly mentioned in biblical stories and helped people. Celebrated January 14th.


The clearest example of a donkey from biblical stories is the one that brought Jesus and his family to Egypt after his birth. Also on a donkey, Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. If we carefully study the biblical stories, we will easily find that this animal is present in many scenes.

The Feast of the Ass holiday was most popular in France. However, in the 15th century, the priests of the Catholic Church saw negative features in it and the popularity of this day fell sharply. This holiday, like April Fools’ Day, fell out of favor with the church.

Interesting facts

  • The donkey is a very hardy animal. It can carry a load of 2/3 of its weight for more than half a day, without stopping to replenish food and water in the body. If the load for the donkey is too big, then it will not budge. So if the animal rests, pay attention to it!
  • Donkeys have a very well-developed brain and they are quite smart, so all expressions like “stupid donkey” do not correspond to reality.
  • Donkeys are real centenarians. On average, they live up to 45-50 years.

How to celebrate

If there is an opportunity to ride a donkey, then The Feast of the Ass is a great day to take advantage of it. Take your family or friends to the zoo to see cute donkeys.

Read the Bible on this holiday, get acquainted with the most interesting stories in which the image of a donkey appears. Tell your friends and acquaintances about this holiday, share the information received.

Create a social media post telling users about The Feast of the Ass. Let more people know about this little forgotten holiday.

When is Feast of the Ass celebrated in 2024?

Feast of the Ass is observed on January 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday January 14 2024
Tuesday January 14 2025
Wednesday January 14 2026
Thursday January 14 2027

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