Everything You Think is Wrong Day - March 15
Fri, Mar 15, 2024

Everything You Think is Wrong Day

Everything You Think is Wrong Day is an annual American holiday celebrating people’s faulty judgments. We make a lot of decisions every day and think about the best thing to do. Naturally, something will be wrong. And this is perfectly normal, because everyone’s life is built on hundreds of mistakes, on the basis of which you can pave the way to success. The holiday is celebrated on March 15.


The story of Everything You Think is Wrong Day remains unknown. There are various assumptions about its creation and true purpose. It is generally accepted that this holiday should be perceived by each person according to his personal discretion.

The main thing to accept is that mistakes are a natural process in human life. They don’t mean the end of everything. Each mistake gives invaluable experience, allowing you to draw conclusions from the situation and to prevent it in the future. Of course, mistakes can be fatal. For example, an employee was fired because of drunkenness. However, even in this case, it makes sense to think about your life and make every effort to get rid of your addiction and become even better. You have to look for the pluses in everything! Life is a series of mistakes and successes. There is always a white streak after the black one.

Interesting facts

  • There are people whose goal is to debunk myths. Thanks to their research and ongoing experiments, you can get rid of erroneous stereotypes and learn the truth about many things.
  • Right or wrong is relative. If you are mentally healthy and confident that you have made the right decision, do not deviate from the intended path. People can often be convinced of the error of a decision until they see for themselves the success it has brought.

How to celebrate

Think back to the biggest mistakes you’ve made in your life. Think about the experience. Did they help you become a better person and achieve success in some way.

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When is Everything You Think is Wrong Day celebrated in 2024?

Everything You Think is Wrong Day is observed on March 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday March 15 2024
Saturday March 15 2025