Distaff Day - January 7
Sun, Jan 7, 2024

Distaff Day

Distaff Day is celebrated on January 7 and symbolizes the end of holidays. It’s time to get to work, which is to create beauty with the help of an ancient device for weaving and knitting. What do you know about this kind of work? Perhaps you are still doing it to this day?


I would like the medieval traditions to be remembered, but today, in most cases, yarn is bought, and not created independently. In the past, this was a very attractive business. Distaff had a simple design that made it easy to use. The output was smooth and strong threads. The girls got together on cold winter evenings, spun and discussed pressing matters.

Initially, the thread had to be twisted by hand, then a spindle and a hand-operated spinning wheel appeared. In ancient Rome, the device was given great attention and modernized. Distaff was further developed in the German town of Brunswick. Stonemason Jurgens invented the foot-operated device in 1530. This freed both hands, so the process went much faster. A fully mechanized design appeared in 1741.

The drive has changed over the years. In the final stages, steam was created, and then completely electric. Domestic purpose gradually changed to industrial.

Interesting facts


  • girls always wanted to see the yarn tool beautiful and neat, so they decorated it in every possible way;
  • today they are happy to use such devices, but mostly it is a piece of antiquity;
  • spinning wheel “Jenny” is known for eight spindles. She has gone down in history.

How to celebrate

Find out more about the activity at Distaff Day! If you have experience in such work, teach everyone who wants to. Share information on social networks – this way you can gather an interested group!

When is Distaff Day celebrated in 2024?

Distaff Day is observed on January 7 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday January 7 2024
Tuesday January 7 2025
Wednesday January 7 2026
Thursday January 7 2027

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