Debunking Day - March 11
Mon, Mar 11, 2024

Debunking Day

Debunking Day is an annual American holiday celebrating the unmasking. Thanks to this day, people can stop believing in common myths and assumptions, because now there is only truth. It is celebrated on March 11.


Sometimes, when reading another interesting discovery that hasn’t yet been fully confirmed, you want to ask, “What kind of person came up with this?” Disclosure is the best way to test various claims and ingrained myths that each of us believes. For example, a common mistake in the direction of dieting is that if you feel like eating late at night, you should snack on one apple. This is a mistake, as an apple only increases the appetite! Therefore, it is better to replace it with one small banana.

A man named Rob Brezsny should be thanked for creating Debunking Day. He was a whistleblower himself, and he was also an astrologer, a musician, had a passion for science, organized weddings and other things. He was an extremely versatile man. The holiday has been celebrated since the 1990s.

Whistleblowers allow us to have confidence in existing information. Disclosures range from unproven theories (e.g., about alien ships seen) to more mundane questions (which to choose: white or brown sugar?).

Interesting facts

  • One of the most popular TV shows about testing various myths and assumptions is MythBusters.
  • Up until the end of the 20th century, many scholars believed that the Egyptian pyramids were built by Jewish slaves. An obituary with the names of the deceased builders was discovered in the 1990s. It turned out that they were Egyptians, so also completely free builders, good specialists.

How to celebrate

Search the Internet for information about debunking myths and various established opinions. Perhaps you will learn something new and stop believing in them yourself. Do a little research of your own to test some opinions (e.g., that Coca-Cola is great at destroying toilet plaque, etc.).

Tell us about Debunking Day on social media. Ask other users what myth they believed in for a long time, but eventually it was debunked.

When is Debunking Day celebrated in 2024?

Debunking Day is observed on March 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday March 11 2024
Tuesday March 11 2025