National Chocolate Macaroon Day - June 3
Mon, Jun 3, 2024

National Chocolate Macaroon Day

National Chocolate Macaroon Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to this delightful dessert. Chocolate macaroons are just one of many types of this sweet dish with French roots. The holiday is celebrated on June 3.


Macaroons are cookies made with almond flour, giving them a characteristic flavor and aroma. The chocolate variation of this dessert is particularly popular. Confectioners also use coconut flakes, condensed milk, and other ingredients to create new flavors.

The history of National Chocolate Macaroon Day lacks detailed records. Researchers link the origin of almond cookies to Italian monasteries, where similar desserts were made as far back as the 800s or 900s AD. However, these cookies gained real popularity in France in the 16th century, thanks to the confectioner of Henry II.

The dessert appeared in the United States in the 19th century. The first written account of it can be found in Esther Levy’s cookbook, published in 1871. This book was essentially a collection of recipes from American and European cultures.

Interesting Facts

  • Confectioners recommend enjoying chocolate macaroons with a cup of tea or a glass of dry white wine with high acidity.
  • American macaroons have a denser, moister texture, while European macaroons are drier and more crumbly.
  • French Queen Marie Antoinette was a major fan of this dessert and even named her cat after almond cookies!

How to Celebrate

Buy ready-made chocolate macaroons at pastry shops or make your own and surprise your family. Experiment with different flavors!

Share the celebration on social media. Ask users if they’ve tried this French dessert and what flavor of macaroon they like best.

When is National Chocolate Macaroon Day celebrated in 2024?

National Chocolate Macaroon Day is observed on June 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 3 2024
Tuesday June 3 2025
Wednesday June 3 2026
Thursday June 3 2027
Saturday June 3 2028
Sunday June 3 2029

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