World Bicycle Day - June 3
Mon, Jun 3, 2024

World Bicycle Day

If you love to pedal and feel the breeze in your hair, do not miss World Bicycle Day on June 3. Remember learning to ride your bike, falls and all. Even if you have not biked for a long time, it is impossible to lose this skill. Two minutes of training is enough to feel like you never stopped!


American professor Leszek Sibilski conducted a scientific study in 2015 on the value of the bicycle and its impact on human life. It became a UN holiday in April 2018. Bicycles are often inherited from parents or grandparents. This form of transport requires repairs relatively rarely and can serve you for a long time.

Interesting Facts

Running involves more muscles, but cycling can be more effective if you follow a time limit.

  1. The load on the body from cycling is more manageable and softer than doing athletics.
  2. Appearing in Germany in 1818, the first bicycle weighed 50 pounds.
  3. Pedals became part of bicycles in 1839. The modification was made by an inventor from Scotland. However, the patent registration was filed by Frenchman Pierre Lallement in 1866.

The record capacity of a tandem bicycle is 35 people.

How to Take Part

  • Buy a child their first bike with training wheels for safety and start teaching them. It is a fun experience and a memorable adventure. There will be falls and scratches, but there will be even more pleasure and joy.
  • Update your own model or choose a bike more suitable for trips in the city or over rough terrain.
  • Invite friends for a ride in the park or on a special track for cyclists.

Using a bicycle as personal transport is a popular choice. It helps maintain physical fitness and weight, increases endurance, and exercises the respiratory system. It also saves money (no need to spend on gasoline), and is good for the environment (no exhaust gases, and atmospheric pollution is reduced). Let’s choose the bike.

When is World Bicycle Day celebrated in 2024?

World Bicycle Day is observed on June 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 3 2024
Tuesday June 3 2025
Wednesday June 3 2026
Thursday June 3 2027
Saturday June 3 2028
Sunday June 3 2029