World Clubfoot Day - June 3
Mon, Jun 3, 2024

World Clubfoot Day

World Clubfoot Day was created to support people who have this defect. One of the main goals of the event is raising awareness about this defect and how to correct it. It can be corrected in childhood, when the bones are not fully formed. Otherwise, a person be disabled for life.


Clubfoot is a common birth defect resulting from abnormal bone development, where the feet are turned towards each other. Every year, 150,000 – 200,000 babies are born worldwide with clubfoot. Not all parents take this problem seriously, believing that deformation will disappear. It can remain for life, making a person disabled. This will not only be visually noticeable, but will also cause a lot of pain, limiting physical development and other possibilities. But timely treatment will correct clubfoot in a few months.

World Clubfoot Day is celebrated as an information event. June 3rd was chosen in honor of Dr. Ignacio Ponseti’s birthday. He developed an effective technique to treat clubfoot, which is actively used by doctors. The method involves certain manipulation of children’s feet: massages, fixations, and plaster bandages. Then a minor surgical intervention is performed, after which the child is regularly examined and necessary corrective work is carried out. In the following months, the doctor continues to examine the patient, prescribes the necessary procedures, as at first, even after treatment, the foot may return to its previous deformed state.

How to take part

Do something useful on this day:

  • Learn more about clubfoot and share your knowledge with other people.
  • If possible, join the volunteers.
  • Print out information pamphlets and distribute them to passers-by to raise their awareness.

When is World Clubfoot Day celebrated in 2024?

World Clubfoot Day is observed on June 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 3 2024
Tuesday June 3 2025