Chimborazo Day - June 3
Mon, Jun 3, 2024

Chimborazo Day

Chimborazo Day was created in honor of a very high and majestic mountain in Ecuador, with its highest point at 20,000 feet. This is a huge peak, which was not easily conquered. The holiday is celebrated by climbers and lovers of adventure and mountains from all over the world.


Chimborazo is an inactive volcano, previously considered the highest point on Earth. It has long attracted and continues to attract climbers, dreaming of conquering this peak. But due to the complex route and the exceptional height, not everyone is capable of doing this. Climber Alexander Humboldt covered 19,280 feet in 1802. In 1880, climber Edward Whymper succeeded in completely conquering Mount Chimborazo. In honor of this high and majestic mountain, Chimborazo Day was created.

Chimborazo has become one of the key elements determining the Earth’s relief. Geologists worked a lot; the data obtained helped reveal that our planet is not a round ball, but an oblate spheroid. Mount Chimborazo means a lot in mountaineering, and in the geography of Earth. It is also an exquisite place with magnificent, fascinating flora and fauna.

Interesting Facts

Some interesting things about Chimborazo:

  • Its last eruption was recorded in 550 AD.
  • Until the 19th century, it was considered the highest point on Earth.
  • Geological research work is still carried out there.

How to take part

If you have the opportunity to go to Ecuador to Mount Chimborazo, take it – it is the best way to celebrate. If it is impossible, go for a walk in the forest or to a closer and more accessible mountain. Take a photo of your walk, post it on social networks using #ChimborazoDay hashtag.

When is Chimborazo Day celebrated in 2024?

Chimborazo Day is observed on June 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 3 2024
Tuesday June 3 2025

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