Worldwide Day of Giving - June 15
Sat, Jun 15, 2024

Worldwide Day of Giving

On June 15, we invite you to become part of the Worldwide Day of Giving holiday, which teaches you to give without expecting anything in return. It’s not about money; you can donate things, books, time – whatever you can share for the benefit of people in need, without harming yourself.


The history of Worldwide Day of Giving began in 2010. A man named Reed decided to hand out $10 a day to strangers for a year. For 365 days, the man spoke in detail on social networks about the people he helped and their difficult life stories. Reed himself lost his job, but focused on helping people in need. Reed dedicated the year-long action to his mother, who took care of strangers all her life.

The man did not seek to change the lives of people he met along the way – 10 dollars is unlikely to make serious adjustments – but a good deed will surely make the world kinder.

Interesting Facts

  • Worldwide Day of Giving can be celebrated anywhere in the world; doing good is limitless.
  • After the end of his personal year of charity, Reed volunteered once a week in the future.
  • Charity should not be associated only with money; share what other people need, be generous.
  • The main condition of the Worldwide Day of Giving is to share disinterestedly, not taking anything in return.

How to take part

  • Hand out $10 each to strangers on the street. Talk to the person, ask how they plan to spend it.
  • Volunteer with any charitable organization or foundation. Today, charity is actively developing in many cities; some projects require no more than half an hour a day.
  • Donate money to medical institutions, to help sick children, and animal shelters.
  • Talk about charity and donations on social networks. Involve as many people as possible in good deeds.

You will be genuinely surprised how happy the people you help will become, and how happy you will become.

When is Worldwide Day of Giving celebrated in 2024?

Worldwide Day of Giving is observed on June 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 15 2024
Sunday June 15 2025

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