D.B. Cooper Day - November 24
Thu, Nov 24, 2022

D.B. Cooper Day

DB Cooper Day is celebrated on November 24 every year. The date is dedicated to the most mysterious criminal on the planet! This is an amazing figure, about which there is a lot of controversy to this day. Today is the perfect day to learn Interesting facts and join in the celebration.


In 1971, an unremarkable man bought a plane ticket, calling himself Dan Cooper. Previously, there was no special attention to security, so tickets were sold simply for money, without requiring proof of identity. He got on the plane and did not attract attention. After 8 minutes of flight, Dan handed over a note to the stewardess, in which he indicated that he needed a parachute, fuel, 200 thousand dollars in ransom, otherwise the bomb would explode. The girl took the note to the captain, who agreed with the airport staff to fulfill the conditions of the criminal.

After landing, Cooper was given everything he demanded. The civilians were disembarked, but the working personnel remained because the man ordered to take off and follow to Mexico City. During the flight, Dan closed the stewardesses in the toilet and jumped out of the plane. Nobody else saw him. Police still don’t know if the man survived, but some of the bills given to Cooper were found at the alleged landing site.

An amazing story instantly resonated in the hearts of people. Some speculate that the perpetrator died due to bad weather that day, while others argue that the story is a fabrication. What do you think?

Interesting facts

Notable points:

  • Cooper demanded 4 parachutes, although he captured the aircraft alone;
  • during the investigation, dozens of impostors contacted the FBI;
  • after 50 years, the investigation is closed due to the lack of progress on it;
  • witnesses to the crime claimed that the man had unnatural hair, perhaps it was makeup.

How to celebrate

Learn a little more about the story – now there are many sources with little-known data that the police did not disclose before. Throw a party just to have fun with your friends – no references to crime. Discuss the case on social media and consider different opinions.

When is D.B. Cooper Day celebrated in 2022?

D.B. Cooper Day is observed on November 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday November 24 2022
Friday November 24 2023
Sunday November 24 2024
Monday November 24 2025
Tuesday November 24 2026