Conflict Resolution Day - October
Thu, Oct 20, 2022

Conflict Resolution Day

Conflict Resolution Day is celebrated every year on the third Thursday of October. Conflicts are an integral part of our lives, and they arise both in the family and in a friendly team or at work. However, an important skill for every person is the ability to correctly resolve conflict situations using peaceful methods.


The founder of this holiday is the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), which has proposed celebrating Conflict Resolution Day since 2005. The main purpose of this holiday is to promote the reconciliation of peace negotiations as tools for resolving quarrels and misunderstandings in schools, work groups, families, the legal system and government. Also on this day, the merits of people involved in the peaceful settlement of the conflict in order to achieve national cooperation are recognized. The holiday falls on ABA Mediation Week of the American Bar Association. Together, ACR and ABA raise public awareness of how conflicts can be properly resolved, including in the legal field.

Interesting facts

  • in 1739, Benjamin Franklin, in his autobiography, talks about the means of peacefully resolving conflicts;
  • in 1906, Theodore Roosevelt was able to end the Russo-Japanese War with a treaty;
  • in the 1990s, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process takes place, which has become a significant progress in the process of peace negotiations between states;
  • in 1993, US journalist John Wallach creates Seeds of Peace to teach young people how to peacefully resolve quarrels.

How to celebrate

Try to learn the most peaceful ways to resolve conflict situations so that you can use them during one of the following fights. Also use this holiday to put an end to long-standing differences in your life. In addition, you can help your family members or close friends get out of a quarrel with someone.

When is Conflict Resolution Day celebrated in 2022?

Conflict Resolution Day is observed on the third Thursday of October each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday October 20 2022
Thursday October 19 2023
Thursday October 17 2024
Thursday October 16 2025
Thursday October 15 2026