Columbus Day - October
Mon, Oct 10, 2022

Columbus Day

Columbus Day is celebrated in the US on the second Monday in October. The holiday is dedicated to Christopher Columbus, who discovered America. He personifies a controversial figure, but has the right to be in history. In recent years, clouds have hung over the holiday, but we will still tell you more about it.


The holiday was first celebrated in 1792. It is symbolic that this year exactly 300 years have passed since the landing of Columbus. People used the date to gain knowledge about the country, performed various patriotic rituals, some attended churches and other events. Columbus Day featured processions and parades.

Years passed, new details of the atrocities committed by the traveler were revealed. Native Americans suffered at his hands. People were simply expelled from their native land, enslaved, maimed… It is hard to imagine how some survived a terrible time.

Despite the fact that for many Columbus is a hero and an explorer who accidentally confused America with India, he increasingly reminds the people of the United States of the genocide against the people. Many organizations and individuals filed complaints about the holiday, asking it to be removed or renamed to another one. Today, many parts of the country no longer honor Columbus and try not to remember.

Interesting facts

It is curious that:

  • the legend says that Columbus discovered America in a blue shirt, since then many men have worn similar shirts;
  • at the age of 14, Christopher ran away from home, leaving school and work in his father’s workshop. He became a merchant’s assistant on a ship;
  • before his death, the researcher asked him to send him on his last journey – to Jerusalem;
  • Columbus was considered a talented admiral, but historical evidence confirms that he was better able to be known as a tyrant and a cruel slave owner;
  • his remains were transported many times – historians believe that they are completely scattered around the world.

How Columbus Day is celebrated

Teachers, preachers, poets and politicians utilized Columbus Days to achieve knowledge involving patriotism during the 400th wedding in 1892. These patriotic rituals were need for loyalty on the country, and celebrating sociable progress. Some those who lived in the us celebrate this anniversary on the discovery with their country using church services as well as other activities. On the Columbus Morning some towns and urban centers hold specific church companies, parades and large situations. Columbus Morning is also often known as Landing Morning or Discoverer’s Morning in The islands.

Columbus Day has changed into the celebration involving Italian-American heritage in most places of the us. On that occasion Regional associate organized parades and street gatherings featuring vibrant costumes, music, dance and Italian meals. The people of these kind of cities and towns observe Columbus Morning to reverence native parents; activities contain pow-wows, conventional dance and lessons concerning Native American culture.

In many places in America, Columbus Day is usually a public vacation, but a number of organization and stored are generally opened. Columbus Morning celebrated as government holiday. Some federal government offices are generally closed. Numerous businesses, industrial facilities, shop as well as other works are generally open. A number of schools and colleges are generally open, not compulsory in which be sealed.

When is Columbus Day celebrated in 2022?

Columbus Day is observed every year on the second Monday in October.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday October 10 2022
Monday October 9 2023
Monday October 14 2024
Monday October 13 2025
Monday October 12 2026

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