Cesar Chavez Day - March 31
Fri, Mar 31, 2023

Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez Day is an annual holiday dedicated to this remarkable man. Cesar Chavez is forever remembered in American society as a man who fought for the rights and freedoms of migrant workers. The holiday is celebrated on March 31.


The date of birth of the human rights activist, March 31, 1927, was chosen as the day of celebration. Cesar Estrada Chavez was born in Yuma. Three years later, the Great Depression hit, and the family lost their homestead. They had to move to California to get some work and money to feed themselves.

The years of migration were strongly imprinted on the boy’s mind. He left school and went to work in the fields. At 19, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and stayed for two years. Later, Chavez started working on a farm and started a family. He did not like the rest of his life at all; he realized that for such hard work he should already have large financial savings. Reflections on the injustice to migrants and their hard lives moved him in 1952 to create the Hispanic Civil Rights Group, C.S.O.

The organization grew and developed. Ten years after its creation, Cesar ceased to be national director. He teamed up with D. Huerta to form the NFWA, an organization that monitored farms, ensuring that workers were treated and their rights respected.

Chavez died in 1993, leaving behind a large legacy that later allowed the creation of many different human rights organizations.

Interesting facts

  • Cesar Chavez was awarded the Medal of Freedom posthumously for his services.
  • In American society, S. Chavez received the status of “People’s Hero.
  • In 2000, California made the holiday an official day off.

How to celebrate

Learn more about Chavez’s activities this day. What is your opinion of this historical figure?

Spread the word on social media. Discuss with other users the merits of this person.

When is Cesar Chavez Day celebrated in 2023?

Cesar Chavez Day is observed on March 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday March 31 2023
Sunday March 31 2024
Monday March 31 2025

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