Can Opener Day - August 24
Wed, Aug 24, 2022

Can Opener Day

Can Opener Day is celebrated on August 24th. It doesn’t seem strange at all that the can opener has its own holiday. Have you tried opening a can of canned food without this tool? It is possible, but extremely problematic!


The name of the person who came up with the idea to celebrate Can Opener Day is unknown, as well as the reasons for choosing the date of August 24th. Tin cans have been known since 1772. But it was supposed to open them with a hammer and a chisel – this was evidenced by the inscription on the lids of the cans. A special knife for opening them was patented in Great Britain in 1855, in the USA – 3 years later. And these were variants of ordinary knives, it was still inconvenient to open cans!

In 1870, can openers had a rotating cutting wheel, but now the cans had to be pierced first. The breakthrough was made by the Star Can Opener company in 1925, which provided its knife models with an additional wheel, and in 1931 added pliers to hold the can on its own. Variations of this model are still used today.

Interesting facts

Something about the invention of can openers:

  1. The man who created the lever-type can opener was engaged not only in the creation of cutlery, but also in the production of instruments for surgery. His name was Robert Yates and he lived in Middlesex (UK).
  2. The inventor of the American version of the lever can opener was Ezra Warner, whose invention became known not only in his homeland in Connecticut. Ezra’s knife was widely used by the soldiers of the Army of the North during the Civil War. But it was not used at home – its blade in the form of a sharp sickle seemed too dangerous.
  3. The first electric knives appeared on the market in 1931. They were widely advertised, claiming that with their help you will open 20 cans per minute and not cut yourself. But they were not successful.
  4. In 1956, the wall-mounted can opener was invented! But consumers didn’t like it either. The Udico electric knife, invented in the same year, became popular.

How to celebrate

Celebrate Can Opener Day with your favorite canned foods and a new can opener that opens cans instantly!

When is Can Opener Day celebrated in 2022?

Can Opener Day is observed on August 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday August 24 2022
Thursday August 24 2023
Saturday August 24 2024
Sunday August 24 2025
Monday August 24 2026

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