Can Opener Day - August 24
Sat, Aug 24, 2024

Can Opener Day

National Can Opener Day is celebrated on August 24th and is dedicated to the invention of the can opener, an essential tool for opening canned food.


The history of the can opener dates back to 1772, when tin cans were first invented. However, opening them was a difficult task, as it was done with a hammer and chisel. In 1855, a special knife for opening cans was patented in Great Britain, and in 1858, a similar invention was patented in the United States. These early can openers were variations of ordinary knives and were still not very convenient to use.

In 1870, can openers with a rotating cutting wheel were introduced, but they still required the cans to be pierced first. The breakthrough in can opener technology came in 1925, when the Star Can Opener company introduced a model with an additional wheel and pliers to hold the can. Variations of this model are still used today.

Interesting facts

  • The man who created the lever-type can opener, Robert Yates, was also involved in the production of surgical instruments.
  • The inventor of the American version of the lever can opener, Ezra Warner, saw his invention widely used by soldiers in the Union Army during the Civil War.
  • The first electric can openers were introduced in 1931 but were not successful.
  • In 1956, the wall-mounted can opener was invented, but it also failed to gain popularity.

How to take part

Celebrate National Can Opener Day by enjoying your favorite canned foods and maybe even investing in a new, more efficient can opener. Share your celebration on social media using the hashtag #NationalCanOpenerDay.

When is Can Opener Day celebrated in 2024?

Can Opener Day is observed on August 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday August 24 2024
Sunday August 24 2025
Monday August 24 2026

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