American Family Day - August
Sun, Aug 6, 2023

American Family Day

American Family Day is a great opportunity to spend more time with family and friends. Giving things is not acceptable – the emphasis is on good relations and kindred love. It is easier for many people to ‘pay off’ others with a gift than to show sincere concern – therefore, it was decided to avoid this custom.


American Family Day was an initiative of Arizona Governor Raul Hector Castro in 1977. The following year, the holiday was declared a public holiday.

The need for a celebration dedicated to family ties stems from the natural significance of blood relationship in the life of any person.

Interesting facts

  • In addition to people, long-term family ties are formed by elephants: even growing up, children remain with their mothers. Elephants tend to take care of relatives and protect them.
  • An empathic attitude towards blood relatives is shown by many higher primates. The bonds between children and mothers are especially strong.
  • The average American family has three children.

How to take part

Gather the whole family around the festive table. You can organize a feast not only for those who live with you in the same house, but also for relatives whom you rarely see. Send out invitations and wait for them to visit – just warn that they don’t need to bring anything: the presence itself is important.

Ask your parents and grandparents about family traditions and customs. They will be pleased with such attention – the older generation always has something to tell the younger.

If you have children, be sure to make time for them. Tell them how you appreciate and love them – it is important for children to hear this.

Immerse yourself in joint warm memories, listen to your loved ones: they probably have something to tell you. Avoid conflicts so that a good undertaking does not turn into a day of quarrels and mutual insults.

When is American Family Day celebrated in 2023?

American Family Day is observed on the first Sunday of August each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday August 6 2023
Sunday August 4 2024
Sunday August 3 2025
Sunday August 2 2026

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