National Aviation Day - August 19
Fri, Jul 19, 2024

National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day is a holiday, clearly demonstrating how aviation has had a powerful impact on civilization and humanity. Thanks to aviation, people were able to visit the most exotic places on the planet, and tourism and business around the world developed rapidly.

The History

In 1939, National Aviation Day was celebrated in America for the first time. The decision to make the holiday official and a day off was taken by US President Roosevelt, issuing a corresponding decree. On this day, it is customary to honor those who stood at the origins of the development of aviation and the first pilots, thanks to whom flights over long distances became reality. July 19 was chosen for a reason – it is Orville Wright’s birthday.

Interesting facts

  • Orville Wright was alive when his birthday was declared a national holiday and a public holiday.
  • Only 6.5% of people are afraid to fly, and only 5% of people who have never flown in an airplane.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was the first American president to use an airplane on October 11, 1910.
  • The famous Boeing 747 can glide two miles for every 100 feet in altitude.

How to take part

Schools hold events dedicated to aviation, talking about the first pilots. Students are encouraged to read about the Wright brothers. Teachers can also take advantage of special aviation materials prepared by NASA. Visit a science museum; many hold special, themed events. A great place to visit is the NASA Visitor Center. Of course, read a lot of books about aviation; they are available at local libraries and online stores.

When is National Aviation Day celebrated in 2024?

National Aviation Day is observed on August 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday August 19 2024
Tuesday August 19 2025
Wednesday August 19 2026

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