World Toilet Day - November 19
Sat, Nov 19, 2022

World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day is celebrated around the world on November 19th. This unusual holiday was invented in order to honor the existence of a device without which not a single day passes. Some will say it’s a joke! But we simply invite you to mark the date and learn more about sanitation issues.


Access to adequate sanitation is a right for every individual. Despite this factor, 2,5 billion people on the planet do not have the opportunity to use equipped places. This affects the development of many diseases: hepatitis, cholera, typhoid fever. In Africa, diseases are killing the population.

Open latrines are the cause of harassment of girls. When menstruating, schoolgirls have to stay at home to provide themselves with at least some care. Because of this, there is a problem with education. This implies poverty, lack of work… As you can see, the holiday is not exactly a fun one, but we are able to influence its development and tell everyone in the world about what is happening in neighboring countries.

The holiday was founded by Singaporean philanthropist Jackie Sim. Together with the World Toilet Organization, the date and front of further work has been chosen. Sanitation and hygiene facilities appear over time in lagging countries, but without the support of the population everywhere this will not be possible.

Interesting facts

Did you know that:

  • in the 1860s there were over 1200 toilets in Paris. They were considered true works of art;
  • in Mexico, it is forbidden to throw toilet paper down the drain – pipes easily become clogged and even burst;
  • in Scotland, you can knock on the door of a stranger and ask to go to the toilet – this is completely normal;
  • the inhabitants of Ireland hate public institutions – they will endure to the last until the house.

How to celebrate

Learn more about the problems: become a volunteer, offer your help to the world. Make donations to special funds. Get together with friends and talk about serious topics of unsanitary conditions.

When is World Toilet Day celebrated in 2022?

World Toilet Day is observed on November 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday November 19 2022
Sunday November 19 2023
Tuesday November 19 2024
Wednesday November 19 2025
Thursday November 19 2026