World Quark Day - January 19
Fri, Jan 19, 2024

World Quark Day

World Quark Day is a worldwide holiday dedicated to the quark. This is a very tasty and soft cheese, which in its properties is much superior to the classic version of this product. In the CIS countries, it can often be found under the name “tvorog”. Celebrated annually on January 19th.


Please note that depending on the country, quark may be considered a separate product that is not related to cheese in any way. However, these are all nuances, because it is equally pleasant to enjoy a wonderful product under any name.

It is believed that the quark was invented in Germany. The recipe for this product is very simple. Milk must be kept to a certain degree of souring (this should be a natural process, not accelerated by various additives), after which it is driven through a sieve. The remaining dry part is the quark.

Celebrating World Quark Day was proposed by the “Quark Queen”. This woman lives in Bavaria and appreciates this type of cheese very much. She pays a lot of attention to proper nutrition and diets, so she decided to make the quark more popular around the world through the holiday.

Interesting facts

  • Sour milk cheese, as quark is also called, is high in vitamin D, calcium and protein. Especially appreciated by athletes, as its use improves the quality of ligaments and joints, allows you to accelerate muscle growth and gives the body the necessary energy.
  • Research scientists confirm that the use of cottage cheese several times a week can improve bowel function due to the probiotics contained in it.
  • The average fat content of a quark is 10%.

How to celebrate

Be sure to taste quark or prepare dishes based on it to celebrate World Quark Day. Find out more information about the content of useful substances in a quark. After that, you will definitely add it to your diet!

Share information about the holiday on social networks. Discuss with other users how often they eat quark, what dishes are prepared based on it.

When is World Quark Day celebrated in 2024?

World Quark Day is observed on January 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday January 19 2024
Sunday January 19 2025
Monday January 19 2026
Tuesday January 19 2027

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