World Freedom Day - November 9
Thu, Nov 9, 2023

World Freedom Day

World Freedom Day is a holiday dedicated to the most significant and important event in history – the fall of the Berlin Wall. On November 9, 1989, the wall that had divided Germany for over 28 years was brought down and this day has been associated with freedom, democracy and the fall of the communist regime in Eastern Europe ever since.


The fall of the Berlin Wall was a symbol of the fall of communism in Eastern and Central Europe. After this event, people living in two divided parts of the country received freedom. In 2001, US President George W. Bush declared this date a federal holiday.

The Berlin Wall was built in the mid-1950s as a physical barrier to prevent the migration of people between East and West Germany after the end of World War II. Over 100 people died trying to overcome the wall. In 1989, restrictions were eased and people began to manually break it. Eventually, the wall collapsed and freedom was restored.

Interesting facts

  • The Berlin Wall was built over 15 years after the end of the Cold War.
  • The wall was made up of two walls, a “death strip” between them, trenches, searchlights, and watchtowers.
  • About 100 people died trying to overcome the wall, while about 5,000 people were successful in doing so.
  • Remains of the Berlin Wall are located around the world, including in the men’s restroom of one of the casinos in Las Vegas – “Main Street Station.”

How to take part

Take part in rallies held by public organizations and study history to learn more about the personalities who played a significant role in the fall of communism – for example, Ronald Reagan. Additionally, to honor and celebrate freedom, ensure that you know your rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and other legislative acts.

When is World Freedom Day celebrated in 2023?

World Freedom Day is observed on November 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday November 9 2023
Saturday November 9 2024
Sunday November 9 2025
Monday November 9 2026