World Dream Day - September 25
Mon, Sep 25, 2023

World Dream Day

World Dream Day is a wonderful holiday dedicated to dreams and what we see in them. Dreams are what started many inventions that seemed unattainable, for example, airplanes, space flights, and skyscrapers. Every year on September 25, we celebrate a holiday that shows that our dreams are much larger and stronger than fantasies, and with due effort they can be realized.


This is one of the few holidays on the calendar that teaches us to empower ourselves. On this day, dream big, go beyond the boundaries, and work hard, because this is the only way to make dreams come true. The holiday was established at the initiative of Columbia University in 2012, by the teacher Ozioma Egwuonwu.

Interesting Facts

  • World Dream Day was established for dreamers to get together and share their thoughts and ideas. It helps to promote progress.
  • The author of the holiday voiced this reason for its creation – to heal and inspire humanity. Much would be inaccessible to us if there were no dreamers in the world.
  • Dreams come to us during REM sleep, but most of our dreams we forget.
  • Most dreams are black and white, but they can change reality and make it richer and more vivid.

How to take part

Making your own visualization board or writing a wish list is a great way to get in on the holiday. Write about World Dream Day on social networks and encourage people to dream, listen to friends’ stories about their desires and ideas, and get inspired by them.

When is World Dream Day in 2023?

World Dream Day is observed on September 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday September 25 2023
Wednesday September 25 2024
Thursday September 25 2025
Friday September 25 2026

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