Women’s Healthy Weight Day - January
Thu, Jan 18, 2024

Women’s Healthy Weight Day

Women’s Healthy Weight Day is an American annual celebration dedicated to women’s control over their body weight. Body weight is one of the main signs, based on which we can talk about the health / ill health of a person. However, this should also take into account bad habits, mental health conditions, and more.


The problem of own weight has long worried many women. Extra pounds have always had a negative effect on overall attractiveness. It’s worth noting here that the Women’s Healthy Weight Day celebration focuses specifically on maintaining health, not beauty standards.

The standards of beauty in each time were different. For example, in the Middle Ages, magnificent women enjoyed success. This testified that she was from a good family (does not starve) and was able to bear a child.

Closer to modern times, a cult for thin (very slender) girls appeared. Unfortunately, many women follow it, killing their body with rigid diets and exhausting workouts. You shouldn’t go to extremes. Use the standard I.M.T. (reflects the ratio of height and weight) to find out if you are normal or not. If the result is not satisfactory, then optimize your nutrition with the help of a nutritionist and contact qualified trainers in the gym. However, do not rush success, changes will come gradually.

Interesting facts

  • The emergence and development of I.M.T. associated with the name of Adolf Quetelet. He was the first in the 19th century, using statistics, to try to derive optimal weight values ​​for a healthy person.
  • I.M.T. is calculated according to the following formula: body weight in kg is divided by the person’s height in meters squared.
  • According to statistics in the US, about 40% of people are obese.

How to celebrate

Calculate the I.M.T. of your body. If there are deviations, you should consult a doctor to get qualified help. Women’s Healthy Weight Day is a great occasion to pay attention to healthy eating and kick bad habits out of your life.

Share information about the holiday on social networks. Let more people strive for a healthy weight.

When is Women’s Healthy Weight Day celebrated in 2024?

Women’s Healthy Weight Day is observed on the third Thursday in January each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday January 18 2024
Thursday January 16 2025
Thursday January 15 2026
Thursday January 21 2027

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