Wife Appreciation Day - September
Sun, Sep 17, 2023

Wife Appreciation Day

Wife Appreciation Day is an annual celebration of gratitude to wives. Celebrated every third Sunday in September, in 2022 it falls on September 18th. This day is a great occasion to show our wives how much they mean to us.


There is no consensus regarding the beginning of this celebration. The most popular theory is it first appeared in 2006. Since then, it has actively spread throughout America, attracting more and more people.

It is believed the reason for this holiday appeared was the divorce of the famous musician Paul McCartney from his wife. It is interesting that such a high-profile event occurred three days after the celebration of Mother’s Day. What could have happened if before that they celebrated a holiday that was intended to strengthen families? Many people were blown away by their divorce and held a Wife Appreciation Day in the fall. On this day, you should thank your wife and show her your love. If Paul paid more attention to his wife, then perhaps the family would not have broken up.

This story is instructive. Love and appreciate your wives, keep the family warm.

Interesting facts

  • Recently, the number of marriages in the United States has decreased. If 10 years ago 70% of people got married, today it is about 50%.
  • The first mention of marriage dates back to 400 AD, when the Roman emperor Theodosius II ruled.

How to take part

Say a few nice words to your wife. Show that you love her and she is important to you. Give a voucher to visit a massage therapist or a spa. Spend the holiday together: go to the cinema, theater, or museum, or go on a trip for a few days. Let your wife rest today. Take an active part in cleaning and cooking.

Talk about the holiday on social networks. Perhaps someone will discover it for the first time!

When is Wife Appreciation Day celebrated in 2023?

Wife Appreciation Day is observed on the third Sunday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday September 17 2023
Sunday September 15 2024
Sunday September 21 2025
Sunday September 20 2026