Western Monarch Day - February 5
Mon, Feb 5, 2024

Western Monarch Day

Western Monarch Day is an annual American holiday created to raise awareness of this butterfly. Today, the Western Monarch is endangered. Approximately 10% of this butterfly species remains. The holiday is celebrated annually on February 5th.


Western Monarch butterflies can be watched endlessly. Their large wings are decorated with a beautiful pattern, which can be seen in various shades of red, gold, yellow and other colors. These butterflies are among the best pollinators and successfully migrate throughout the continent.

Monarch butterflies are believed to have originally lived in the American rainforests. Due to the expansion of milkweed habitats (their main food), they can be found in other places. These are very intelligent creatures with biological mechanisms of migration embedded in them. Every year, with the onset of winter, they migrate from the western United States and Canada to the southern states (mainly California). The best conditions for their survival and wintering are created there.

Monarch butterflies have been actively studied since the 50s of the 19th century, but only in the 1970s was the fact of their migration established. Western Monarch Day was announced in California in 2004. The holiday was created with the aim of spreading tourism and raising people’s awareness of this beautiful but endangered species of butterflies.

Interesting facts

  • The exact reason for the decline in the Monarch butterfly population has not yet been established. There are many theories: climate change, deforestation, the use of pesticides to treat plants, and others.
  • In Mexico, Monarch butterflies symbolize the souls of the dead. Since their arrival in this country coincides with the celebration of the Day of the Dead.
  • Butterflies Monarchs can migrate over very long distances – more than 3 thousand kilometers.

How to celebrate

Provide financial support to conservation organizations whose activities are aimed at saving these butterflies. If you meet a Western Monarch on the street, do not under any circumstances try to catch or harm this butterfly! There are very few of these insects left. Find out more interesting information about these butterflies on the Internet.

Tell us about Western Monarch Day on social media. Discuss with other users the best ways to conserve and increase the population of these butterflies.

When is Western Monarch Day celebrated in 2024?

Western Monarch Day is observed on February 5 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday February 5 2024
Wednesday February 5 2025
Thursday February 5 2026
Friday February 5 2027

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