Use Less Stuff Day - November
Thu, Nov 17, 2022

Use Less Stuff Day

Use Less Stuff Day is celebrated in the US every third Thursday in November. The date is perfect for learning to get by with fewer things than usual. Remember how you come to the store, collect a full basket of even unnecessary products and store them at home for years?


The holiday was founded by an organization aimed at saving the environment. Unfortunately, many materials that are harmful to nature are used today. Until now, many do not know about the harmful effects of plastic. Perhaps your house also has dozens of containers that collect dust. Someday we will throw them out and cause damage to the planet.

Greenpeace – an international environmental organization supported the holiday. Activists call for controlling the consumption of resources – in fact, it is not difficult! The fact is that if we do not save the Earth, we will not protect ourselves, children, grandchildren … If every inhabitant learns about the current problems and joins their solution, then the outcome will be successful!

Interesting facts

Sad moments:

  • 29 million plastic bottles are bought by Americans, and only 13% of them are recycled. It will take many centuries for them to decompose without a trace;
  • about 1000 children die every day in India from drinking contaminated water;
  • 7 billion tons of garbage are thrown into the oceans every year;
  • The Ganges is the dirtiest river on the planet;
  • Today, up to 98% of radioactive waste is in the soil, which leads to the depletion of its resources.

How to celebrate

Try not to buy anything superfluous today: leave the supermarket with a basket of only necessary things. Use virtual wallets, refuse plastic cards. Buy drinks in glass bottles, try to reduce the use of plastic to a minimum!

When is Use Less Stuff Day celebrated in 2022?

Use Less Stuff Day is observed on the third Thursday of November each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday November 17 2022
Thursday November 16 2023
Thursday November 21 2024
Thursday November 20 2025
Thursday November 19 2026

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